Assignment - What Am I After? Unit 70 Computer Games Design

So, it reads like this:

Criteria For Distinction (D2) Produce ideas for a game concept showing creativity and flair.

o A choice of five different tag lines for your game concept.
o Produce a comprehensive mood board containing ideas relevant to your
game concept – photograph your mood board to include in preproduction
o Produce a comprehensive storyboard of one level of your game concept.
o Write three hundred words outlining the basic game strategy.
o Write three hundred words outlining the game elements for your game.
o Produce an outline of at least two characters that will appear in your
game both of which must include a detailed backstory of at least 100

  • Self-explanatory: give me 5 taglines (some of you are really enjoying this!)
  • Your mood board should contain everything from images, to words, to fabric or materials - whatever affects you 'mood' when creating characters, environments etc.
  • Storyboarding: I have storyboards here, please keep prodding me to get them (GS8-2 you've already done this!) I promise to email them. So, when you have them, start making stick-man versions of your game (no artists please!)
  • 700 words begins here as follows: a) 600 words is the treatment (300 on basic game strategy, 300 words on combat systems, weapons, game style, contextual/behavioural/systemic elements, interfaces, online play etc, etc) and finally some form of backstory for up to 2 characters.
Not too difficult, is it?


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