Assignment - What Am I After? First Things First

At the end of this term you will present your final idea to a real games company. With that in
mind it is important that you begin developing your initial concept and gathering resources and
research to ensure your idea is as developed as possible when it comes to that all important

The following assignment will allow you to start getting ideas down on paper and testing those
ideas through detailed research and should highlight the resources that are going to be required
to fully realise the game you intend to make. With this in mind you will produce a detailed pre-portfolio that is split into three sections:

1. Game concept
2. Research
3. Planning materials

So, some of you followed the last assignment to the letter and supplied all of the info I need. For a few of you though (and you know who you are) you didn't do any, any, any of that! You didn't segment any of the portfolio making it a) hard to read and 2) an unprofessional finish.

So part one is all of those visual bits of the concept and part two is the surveys, graphs and charts et al. Part three is basically everything else!


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