In The Company of Deity.... Part II

Wow. Again.
Can you believe how well we've done on Industry Week? Microsoft, Monumental and Free Radical? Words can't describe how stoked I am at getting those guys to say yes, and then they came in and addressed you all and on top of that they produced slide shows for you!

As if that wasn't exciting enough, they then asked you to test their games! Dudes this is major, so let's not blow it! I'll be giving you some QA hints and tips over the next few weeks in preparation but I'd love you to take an active role on this.... Perhaps Student Reps could take some ownership here? So that's:
  • Dominic and Chris for GS8-1
  • Craig and Billy for GS8-2
Is that fair? That way you control your behaviour, your input and your outcomes. 

Let's think about how exactly we can pay these guys back by being the best!


I've signed up for the QA, if there's anything else, let me know.

As soon as I am notified, I will let the rest of GS8-2 know about the QA via the blog.

Thank you Craigly.....

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