The Final Blow!

I've sat through your first presentation and assignments lately. Cool beanz!
I wanted to give you a bit more feedback:

On the main dudes, you did well! Everyone has a mark and more importantly you have some feedback from me, personalised to build on and improve upon (in some cases).

There were a small few that attained a magic D, some of you achieved a merit and I'm a bit disturbed that too many of you got a pass. So you now have a couple of weeks to get this sorted and come away with that exciting UCAS score for Uni or whatever. Either way, you'll have to pass the course and a few of you just aren't hitting that standard at the mo.

So what now?

Now, you work hard. You dust yourselves down, you take criticism on the chin and admit that you didn't work as hard as you could've. And, you work hard, and this is what you'll do right up to July 2010...

Here's some of the common reasons why those who reckon they'll get a Merit or Distinction, don't:

  • Failure to reference work correctly
  • Cutting and pasting directly from, say, Wikipedia or some Google page
  • Passing someone else's work off as your own - and that folks is plagiarism which is illegal and ethically/morally pretty God damn wrong!

I'm actually quite gutted about those 3 points above because it's those lazy points that were laboured to death in many a presentation and submission last week.

This is the last time that'll happen though right? Remember that your place on this course IS NOT guaranteed and neither is your Berlin place.

ACT NOW to rescue your fledgling career and your education and get these resubmissions in ASAP.


Any individual news? I would like to know what mark I got, if you've marked it. I'm pretty sure I would have got a pass, but it was only my first draft.

Yes, I marked it last night - expect an email in a bit...

Just got it. Thank you.

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