Remy LeBeau, I am....

This week we've been working hard on Remy LeBeau AKA Gambit. Ah! Gambit, he's a pretty cool dude n'est pas? I did a little, microscopic overview of the great man and with it a petit taskez vous!

And here's the task...

Jack of Diamonds, King of Hearts

As they taunted "call" at him, a Jack of Diamonds leaped from the sleeve of his beaten tan leather overcoat and into his hand. The men stared in anticipation as he threw his hand up in the air, landing perfectly in formation card after card in the centre of the table.
“Din’t y’all think I could win you?” He pushed the chair back from the comfort of his rear and stood, hands cupped to receive his winnings. “And with that, Sirs, I bid you a bonne nuit. The night is a lady, and she’s a-callin’ my name.”

Staff in hand he walked languidly down the hall through a throng of gambling people to his left and right. “Not so fast” a voice uttered from behind him. “Remy”, she looked at him; eyes lost in his purplesque irises for a moment. “Remy” she spoke again, he didn’t turn.
“Mademoiselle, I have no business with you no more.”

“Daddy.” She spoke again in hushed tones.

Gambit turned to look at her, his eyes glowed, and then he was gone.


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