The Big Pitch - Wednesday

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Ooooo-er! Get ready n00bs, this could be the best half hour of your lives (!!!)

Wednesday, all I can tell you is that you have a lady to present to. Ooooh! She's very experienced in our part of the world (games) and she's excited about meeting you. She lives in Vancouver (home of EA, Nintendo North America and um, Ubisoft), but she's kindly agreed to spend some time with us on Wednesday, cool eh?

I expect that Jamie Cash will be popping in as well, although he will have lessons and other commitments, if he hasn't seen you on the Monday or Tuesday, he will definitely be checking in on Wednesday and Thursday...

So with that in mind, we'd like to see the following:

Atrium (Room 007)

Check your email


Check your email


Check your email

Note: as opposed to the dress rehearsals, you only have 20 mins to pitch and get a miniscule amount of feedback. This means that your actual feedback will be available for you after the pitch, not at the time of the pitch. It'll come through me, both verbally and in a written format, in the usual stylee.

Your set up and pitch should take no more than 20 mins, you'll be told when your time is up. I don't expect to see any latecomers, if you show up late, you will be turned away and as such will have failed this assignment. I won't be changing any times because it doesn't suit you, I'm afraid that you'll just have to grin and bear it!

There will be a few mins of leverage to accommodate room changes etc but they should only effect the top of each room session duration.

The remaining guys will be seen (hopefully) on Friday by someone else.... I'll confirm this asap.

How does that sound? Remember Tony Robbins, Lee Evans and everyone else you've seen stand up in front of thousands over the past few weeks! You're only doing a short presentation in front of a maximum of 4 people (if you're unlucky!)

Sweet! Ok, well, enjoy the rest of your break, and er - keep checking the blog y'all!


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