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Thanks to a tip from Games TM magazine, I found this really awesome blog right here on Blogger. Why is it awesome? Well, it's just for you dudes that fancy working and living in Japan after your games course(s). C.O. is gonna love it!

'Nuff said. Enjoy!

Oh, and er, there's a lovely Japanese season on BBC Four for the next few weeks. Last night was Marcel Theroux's Search for Wabi Sabi and already they've played Kikujiro (a bloody ace film) and a drama-doc on Ping Pong (which I thought was Chinese)

Finally, Japanese lessons. It all went a bit quiet didn't it? Well, I think that Nobelus Darkus and Craigly McBrainerson being in Berlin didn't help... Don't worry though, I for one haven't forgotten and I'll be flying the flag for you. I'm just so sorry about the delay!!!


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