Weekly Student Notices 9th February 2009

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Free FSA resource to improve learners' money skills

‘Money for Life’ is the Financial Services Authority's (FSA) free resource for student services staff that can help them develop planned approaches to improve their students' money skills. The CD-ROM was developed with ten colleges as part of the FSA’s National Strategy for Financial Capability. It is part of a wider project to help college planners develop their students' money skills through support services and the financial education options available in the curriculum.

During academic year 2008-09, the FSA will work in partnership with the National Skills Academy for Financial Services to extend support to college staff in the Southwest, London and Yorkshire & Humberside. This will include in-depth work with students in selected Skills Academy colleges and plans for 'Money Week' events in March 2009 for all interested colleges in each region.

For more information go to http://www.fsa.gov.uk/financial_capability/our-work/further_education/

Late Slip Refusals

In line with the Confetti Student Handbook, we will be enforcing late slip refusals from next week.

At the end of each week, students that have been late every day will receive a phone call to reiterate the importance of being on time.

If the lateness continues for a second week Heather will liaise with the personal tutor and, if agreed, the student will be refused late slips i.e. be barred from sessions. 

Students who have followed the procedure in the handbook and contacted the attendance hotline with a valid reason for being late will not be penalised.

Attendance Support Meetings

In an extension to our current attendance monitoring, EST will be introducing Attendance Support Meetings from this week.

At the end of each week Heather Kirkham will be contacting the two students from each cohort with the lowest attendance.  These students will be required to attend a meeting with Heather to assess the reason for the persistent absences and to offer support and guidance to increase attendance.

Theme of the week


While there maybe the occasional genuine reason for being late, persistent lateness is unacceptable.

When you arrive late you need to get a Confetti Late Slip from the Education Support Team to allow you access to your class. If you turn up late to a session, you will not be able to take part in the session without a Confetti Late Slip. It will also be your responsibility to catch up with any work



Confetti Late Slips are collected and appear in your student file. If you are late on a regular basis, EST will be instructed by your Personal Tutor to stop issuing Late Slips, in which case you will be barred from classes if you are late.


If you cannot be on time on a regular basis for a particular class for a legitimate reason (such as a childcare issue), you should talk to EST and they will arrange for you to be exempt from the Confetti Late Slip system for that particular class, until your circumstances change.

Cultural Calendar – Recent and Upcoming Events / Festivals

LGBT History Month

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans History Month takes place every year in February. It celebrates the lives and achievements of the LGBT community.  Confetti is pleased to support the following events taking place this month at Castle College and around the city.


9 February

Tu B'Shevat
Tu B'Shevat is a minor Jewish festival celebrating the New Year for trees. Jewish tradition marks the 15th of Shevat as the day when the sap in the trees begins to rise heralding the beginning of Spring. It is customary to plant trees and eat fruit from Israel. 



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