Dante Live Blog

I'm on air, so I'll keep this sweet. This week is Dante and the demons week....
Think about Dante as a life-form, what is he? What physical and personal attributes does he give to the DMC series?

Well, here's what some of the guys in GS8-2 think:

  • Supernatural strength

  • Accuracy

  • Dual wielding of weapons at different targets

  • Quick fluid movement

  • Acquires new weapons

  • Walks with a shrug

  • Jumps unnaturally high

  • Quick draw of weapons

  • Confidence when fighting

  • Comic timing

Your task is to establish the following for your characters:

  • Physical abilities

  • Physical attributes

  • Wants - this will come later in the term

  • Needs - this will come later in the term
Give it at least a go and see how you do. You might be surprised by what you achieve. More on this later....


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