Web Authoring: An Overview

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Well, we did it. Every single one of you present for the last 2 weeks has handed in their website.

My God.

That's really something to celebrate from on high!
(............ And I am so happy with all of you!)

Ok, so, some of you broke some cardinal rules of Confetti, but you've got yours, so, 'nuff said.
Those who thought that they couldn't produce a piece of exquiste digitality I hope have been vindicated! Be proud fellas, every single one of you did something to be proud of. 

Did you know how to do web before you got here?

One or two of you maybe, but mostly, er, no.... Look how far you've come!

(Confetti points all 'round!)

Now if you wanna learn XNA - go back and read Dreamweaver for Dummies or HTML for Dummies all over again...


This is good news.

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