My New Year's

Just wanted to slip a random post in about my new year's eve with you. I fugured since you've all been so vocal about what you've been up to, I'd do the same.

Christmas was a rush of baking, cooking, eating and drinking. I managed to get started on some games that were in a holding pattern thanks to teaching! Lost Odyssey, Infinite Undiscovery and let's not forget the pretty amazing The Last Remnant. I'm a JRPG at heart aren't I? It shouldn't affect your enjoyment of the Computer Game Design Unit my lovelies. Think of it as more an enhancement.

My FFVII: AC figure collection is almost up to date... I welcomed Kadaj ("don't cry Loz" is such an in-joke in our household now) and Yuffie Kisaragi.

My New Year's was spent with my Japanese family. We ate from the end of year stock (chestnuts, sushi, tempura), drank lots of sake and imbued good times with a family around the TV viewing of Kikujiro (Takeshi Kitano)


Im glad you had a good new year kelly mines been abit poor but i did get wasted on new years eve and saw one of my best get sent off to hell (AKA the british army) lol and spent alot of time on Left 4 Dead its too bloody addictive just so much fun comes out of it and the trailer to the new street fight film came out just recently and the film looks awaful has no street fighter feel to it what so ever at least the Dragonball live action movie looks awasome :D

ill be seeing you again on monday kelly :D i can't wait to start college again feels like ages since i learned something :P

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