Computer Games Design Homework

Hey, hey, hey!

Another year andother new unit (or 3). Kicking off, let's have a look at Unit 70, Computer Games Design. Your homework task is to get a gamelog set up for the purpose of functionality: you after all potential developers and designers now. So, with that in mind, here's the task:

1. Set up a gamelog - you can do it here:

2. Log a game as follows:

  • Day/Time of Gameplay: (e.g. Monday 12 January 18.00-23.00)
  • Duration: (e.g. 5 hours)
  • Game Design (e.g. story, visuals, sound, pace)
  • Gameplay (e.g. hardware, software, combat system, ruleset, strategy)

Try if you can to log at least 3 consecutive days. I'd like to see how your gameplay is affected by the things you are looking for in the game. Be honest but avoid the usual "this is the best game I've ever played" nonsense: I don't buy it.

Look at a game from a development POV and see how it could be improved (or not as the case maybe)

I'll be checking in as you send your gamelogs over (just send the url please)


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