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Cutting a dash through a sea of mist in the underwater cave at the bottom of the lake south-east of Nibelheim; he walks towards Cloud, tall and noble carrying one gold tipped gun with the three- headed devil dog; Cerebus guarding his master like the myth of the underworld.
Vincent, according to Tetsuya Nomura wears the heavy red cloak as the weight of death something that Vincent carries around with great burden and equal care.

Vincent slept for years until his timely discovery by Cloud in the mansion gave Vincent the chance to avenge the death of many for the satisfaction of a small few. He languished in abject cold and a depth of sadness that no man should endure and yet when Cloud mentions Sephiroth it is only then that he speaks of Lucrecia, his beloved Lucrecia Crescent: the guinea-pig of some hateful project that destroyed a nation and ruled the fate of the future. 

Can love drive a man to kill those around him in the name of revenge or in the name of Shinra?

Vincent as you can tell is my hero. I choose Vincent because of the sheer depth of detail, back story and the elements that both Sephiroth and Cloud add to the cult of Vincent. Nomura would have us believe a lot. Such as Lucrecia's shared identity with the infamous Jenova, or 'mother'. Also that Vincent inherits the bloodline from Grimoire Valentine (his dad) and the continuation of the bloodline includes, say, Sephiroth and Cloud?

Vincent doesn't have a heart, or at least that's what Nomura will have us believe - and yet, his depth of loss, of losing Lucrecia and getting only a few words with her during Final Fantasy VII makes his heart as big as the full moon that charges his limit break.

Wow, I wrote a lot about my hero, using what I know, and what I read. For GS8-2, this is exactly the kind of though provocation I'm trying to achieve in the Unit 19 sessions, and for GS8-1 and 2 this is exactly the concentration and questioning I'm trying to engage in you for the Computer Games Design unit next term.

Roll on January.....


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