For The Alliance, For The Horde, For Obama!

Gamers in the spotlight again.... This time it's for the Alliance or the Horde! Thanks to Wrath of the Lich King for highlighting addictive gaming once more! But seriously, ever wanted to know what the general public think of us gamers? Here's a story from this morning's Today programme of Radio 4: click here.

Blizzard assured the Beeb that designers have written in regular breaks for hardcore players, but breaks should be self-policing! Why not play in blocks and take some breaks? Addictive as games are, psychosis is much more damaging to health than most things I can think of. Psychosis, I think, is something you'd have to live with rather than die of and for me, that's much more scary!

Here's a bit of footage from last night's release - clicksville

And finally............. for sheer grin value, think about the impact that President-Elect Obama has had on the world, and play this lovely tribute to him - is it Luigi?? Is it Mario? No! It's---a Obama! Clickety-click!


There is a problem with addicted gamers I totally accept that but these people are just wasting their time and breath because it's been happening for years.

Look at when Tamogotchis, Pokemon, Mortal Kombat, Gears of War or any of the GTA's came out they reported and cried about it but still nothing happened instead people thought "ahh yeah its them grumpy elderly people harping on again" let's go get our game and ignore them .

tbh i dont care what the media says. I love Wow and thats good enough for me! everyone else can go to hell! :P

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