Fallout 3

Posted by Vero on 18:31
I found this on a Money Saving Website and I really had to share it with y'alls:

"Brand new game Fallout3 is available for the Xbox 360 in store at Sainsburys for £29 until Thursday 13 November, over a fiver less than the normal price for new releases. Use the Sainsburys store locator to find your nearest.Many thanks tomsk2 for the top spot!
I checked the forums first, but couldn't see any sign of this.After spending half of the day wandering 'round Exeter looking for the cheapest in-store price for Fallout3 for the Xbox 360, I ended up buying it from Zaavi for £34.99.Naturally, 15 minutes later, I walk into Sainsbury's to get some potatoes, and it's on sale there for £29!!!!!Not sure if it's all stores, but the special deal price ticket seemed to be a Sainsbury's one, rather than a branch created one, so I reckon it's the same everywhere.Get it before it goes back up in price!Now, if anyone needs me, I'll be immersed in the game for the next 2 months!"

So now you know....! What are the chances of the same thing happening with GoW2???


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