Deadlines and Stuff

I'm absolutely furious.
At the beginning of each academic term students are issued with the assignments for that course unit.


Don't you dare turn around and dictate when you will be handing them in, and don't dare accuse us teaching staff of not giving you the assignments. We issue them at the beginning of term.


If you do not meet the deadline set, you achieve an R which means a referral. This also means that your work will only be marked once.


If you still insist on not sumitting on time you will then receive a disciplinary.

Please do not make a mockery of your marks at this early stage of the course. Persistence in poor attendance, submissions and punctuality will result in your leaving the course at Easter. No questions asked.

As you can probably tell, I have a zero tolerance on deadlines not being met. Believe it or not it's pretty much unheard of at university levels for students to miss deadlines, so why would it be acceptable here at Confetti?

Mark and I are working out a system where work that you may have missed can be downloaded - Note: this doesn't mean that you can hold off until the assignmnets have been uploaded.

I'm furious that you all have this carefree attitude to learning and delivering - therefore, perhaps it's time we as tutors, stopped being so attebtive to your needs as learners. It's clearly getting us nowhere. Maybe if we were more....... I dunno, strict (?) we might get more out of you! Perhaps if we considered stripping a few of the enrichment activities (anime, Japanese language learning, gaming in class time) you might work harder?


I'm coming in to hand in and to discuss that post because as someone thats just dead leveled themself to ensure that the deadline is met and standards are acceptable I find that somewhat disheartening to hear. So I will be in shortly...

I'm teaching - so I can't talk to you Nate.... Sorry old friend!

There are people who do have good attendance, good punctuality and are meeting deadlines though and to take away enrichments would be punishing them too.
Personally I've never had such good attendance or punctuality, It's not perfect but I do try and get into class early and every day whereas I never really cared at other colleges and that's a huge compliment to the course and how its being run

I'm sorry but I tried. I was up until 4AM finishing my assignment off but overlay so I completely forgot about bringing it in.

Bob, As one of the student reps could you arrange a GS8-2 meeting to discuss and sort this because if not things will only get worse, losing enrichments would be an inexcusable thing to happen especially when its easily avoidable.

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